Here is what we have for preschool curriculum…

BIBLE STUDY: In history, we are studying The Life of Jesus Christ and The First Christians, so we are studying the New Testament this year. We read our Children’s Bible. I bought a book, Plants Grown Up, I have not read it yet, but hope to soon.

HISTORY: There really is not a planned history curriculum for preschool. We use a modified schedule of Tapestry of Grace for second and sixth grade and she is listening to the stories that we read. I think that’s a great way for her to just be immersed in history. We listen to Story of the World audiobooks in the car and our kids love them, and I have to say that I love them too! This year we are learning about The Life of Jesus Christ, The First Christians, The Middle Ages, and The Renaissance.

Wordless Picture Books

Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry

Best Counting Book Ever by Richard Scarry

What Do People Do All Day? by Richard Scarry

PHONICS AND SPELLING: We use All About Learning Press’ All About Spelling and All About Reading. They are excellent programs. We have started with learning the alphabet and basic phonograms in All About Spelling Level 1 and we have started the first lessons in All About Reading Pre-Reading. We have been playing a fun Phonogram Bingo game while practicing handwriting skills.

We are having fun practicing letter recognition and enhancing life skills by cooking recipes from My A to Z Recipe Box: An Alphabet of Recipes for Kids.

HANDWRITING: We are using a simple version of the Handwriting Without Tears program. We purchased the Wet-Dry-Try app for the iPad for general instruction. The app was designed for independent learning and it’s very easy for small children. The kids love it; very fun! We are using a 4″ x 6″ slate chalkboard, chalk bits, and sponge pieces for hands-on practice. And I printed out the Handwriting Without Tears uppercase and lowercase manuscript and numbers printables and put them in page protectors for some dry erase practice. I purchased a Mead See and Feel Learn to Letter with Raised Ruling handwriting pad. I love these handwriting pads because my kids can feel where the guidelines are on the page.

Melissa & Doug 10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Sticks

Are you Ready for Kindergarten?: Verbal Skills

MATH: All of our math at this point is fun and hands-on. We have lots of math ‘toys’. There is a lot of counting and sorting going on at our house.

If you want a book to practice math skills, here is a good choice.
Are you Ready for Kindergarten?: Math Skills

SCIENCE: We use God’s Design for Science curriculum and lots of great books for the lessons. She enjoys the books. And she is dabbling in science projects and joins in with the boys on the projects that she finds interesting. This year we are learning about Botany, Zoology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology.

ART SKILLS AND ART HISTORY: This is our first year using Artistic Pursuits for all three kids. I eagerly started Artistic Pursuits The Way They See It with my little one. We got through half of the first lesson and she wanted to do what she wanted to do…which was free, independent art; which I think is just perfect because I like art that way too! She likes to get messy and create and ‘dip her toes into everything’ (sometimes literally). So, I shelved that book for now. Now our art (and kitchen table and floor) consists of lots of puddles of watercolors and pastel dust and clay smushies.

READ ALOUD: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Here are some sweet books by one of our favorite authors, Jim Arnosky.

READ ALOUD: Mouse Colors by Jim Arnosky

READ ALOUD: Mouse Shapes by Jim Arnosky

READ ALOUD: Mouse Numbers by Jim Arnosky

READ ALOUD: Mouse Letters by Jim Arnosky

My kids and I really like these Kumon First Steps Workbooks. They are great for first skills practice.

Let’s Color!

More Let’s Color!
Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Coloring Skills

Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Pencil Skills

Let’s Fold!

More Let’s Fold!

Let’s Sticker & Paste!
More Lets Sticker and Paste!

Let’s Sticker & Paste: Amazing Animals
Let’s Sticker and Paste! Food Fun
Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Pasting Skills

Let’s Cut Paper!
More Lets Cut Paper!

Let’s Cut Paper: Amazing Animals
Let’s Cut Paper! Food Fun
Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Scissor Skills

Here are some great preschool toys!
GuideCraft Rainbow Blocks

GuideCraft Mirror Blocks

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