French and Indian War aka 7 Years War 1754-1763 AD

CURRICULUM: Tapestry of Grace Year 2
Week 29: French & Indian War

CURRICULUM: Story of The World Volume 3 Audiobook
Chapter 21: Fighting over N America; 3 Pointless Wars, the 7-yr War

READ ALOUD: The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History by Jennifer Armstrong
1743 – The Claims of France

READ ALOUD: 1740-1755 The Deerslayer: The First War Path by James Fenimore Cooper

READ ALOUD: 1750s – The Pathfinder: The Inland Sea by James Fenimore Cooper

READ ALOUD: 1754 – STRUGGLE FOR A CONTINENT: The French and Indian Wars by Betsy Maestro and Giulio Maestro

TIMELINE: Homeschool in The Woods Timeline Figure: French and Indian War 1754-1763 AD

TIMELINE: George II 1683-1760 AD

TIMELINE: Edward Braddock 1695-1755 AD

TIMELINE: Robert Dinwiddie

TIMELINE: General James Wolfe

TIMELINE: General Louis Joseph de Montcalm

TIMELINE: Robert Rogers 1731-1795 AD

TIMELINE: James Edward Oglethorpe 1696-1785 AD

TIMELINE: Daniel Boone
RESOURCE: Famous Figures of the American Revolution, by Cathy Diez-Luckie: Daniel Boone

TIMELINE: Chief Pontiac

READ ALOUD: 1754 – Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare

READ ALOUD: Alone Yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom by Tracy Leininger Craven

READ ALOUD: I Am Regina by Sally M. Keehn

1755 READ ALOUD: Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski

READ ALOUD: Follow the River by James Alexander Thom

READ ALOUD: Guns of Thunder by Douglas Bond

TIMELINE: Evangeline and the Acadians 1755 AD

READ ALOUD: Evangeline and The Acadians Paperback by Robert Tallant

READ ALOUD: Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

READ ALOUD: Duel in the Wilderness by Karin Clafford Farley

READ ALOUD: 1756 New York – The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds

READ ALOUD: 1757 – The Last of the Mohicans (Dover Thrift Editions) by James Fenimore Cooper

MOVIE: The Last of the Mohicans

MOVIE: When The Forest Ran Red

MOVIE: Northwest Passage (older movie)

MOVIE: The Pathfinder (older movie)

MOVIE: Winners of the Wilderness (silent film)

MOVIE: The French and Indian War 1754-1763 by PBS

1759 Abenaki Raid

READ ALOUD: Malian’s Song by Marge Bruchac
READ Aloud: The Winter People by Joseph Bruchac

MOVIE: 1779 – Battle of the Brave

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