Scientists and Inventors Unit Study

The following resources are used for this lapbook and notebook study:

  • Scientist & Inventors by Confessions of a Homeschooler
  • For Those Who Dare: 101 Great Christians and How They Changed the World by John Hudson Tiner
  • Considering God’s Creation: Scientist and Inventor Report by
  • Getting to Know The World’s Greatest Inventors & Scientists by Mike Venezia

The notebook is organized in alphabetical order:

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call by Mary Ann Fraser

Marie Curie

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Henry Ford

Benjamin Franklin

The Wright Brothers

READ ALOUD: So you want to be an inventor? by Judith St. George (BCL)

READ ALOUD: Mistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions & How They Came to Be by Charlotte Foltz Jones

READ ALOUD: Getting to Know the The World’s Greatest Inventors and Scientists series by Mike Venezia: Luis Alvarez, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, The Wright Brothers


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