God’s Design for Life: The Human Body

The Human Body Table of Contents
Unit 1 Body Overview
Lesson 1:  The Creation of Life
Lesson 2:  Overview of the Human Body
Special Feature:  Leonardo da Vinci
Lesson 3:  Cells, Tissues, & Organs

Unit 2 Bones & Muscles
Lesson 4:  The Skeletal System
Lesson 5:  Names of Bones
Lesson 6:  Types of Bones
Lesson 7:  Joints
Lesson 8:  The Muscular System
Lesson 9:  Different Types of Muscles
Lesson 10:  Hands & Feet

Unit 3 Nerves & Senses
Lesson 11:  The Nervous System
Lesson 12:  The Brain
Lesson 13:  Learning & Thinking
Special Feature:  Brain Surgery
Lesson 14:  Reflexes & Nerves
Lesson 15:  The Five Senses
Lesson 16:  The Eye
Lesson 17:  The Ear
Lesson 18:  Taste & Smell

Unit 4 Digestion
Lesson 19:  The Digestive System
Lesson 20:  Teeth
Lesson 21:  Dental Health
Lesson 22:  Nutrition
Special Feature:  Florence Nightingale
Lesson 23: Vitamins & Minerals

Unit 5 Heart & Lungs
Lesson 24:  The Circulatory System
Lesson 25:  The Heart
Lesson 26:  Blood
Special Feature:  Blood—Who Needs It? .
Lesson 27:  The Respiratory System
Lesson 28:  The Lungs

Unit 6 Skin & Immunity
Lesson 29:  The Skin
Lesson 30:  Cross-section of Skin
Lesson 31:  Fingerprints
Lesson 32:  The Immune System
Lesson 33:  Genetics
Special Feature Gregor Mendel
Lesson 34:  Body Poster—Final Project
Lesson 35:  Conclusion

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body (BS04)
What Makes You Ill? (BS06)
The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body (DS04)

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